Suicidal Thoughts vs Thinking about suicide pre-blog question

Before we go on, I have a serious question.

How many voices are in your head?   

I would appreciate it if everyone would ponder on that for a sec and post their answer below.  I say it’s a serious question because in my next blog, “Suicidal Thoughts vs Thinking About Suicide”, I’m basing everything off of how I think. And it’s been my experience that most folks believe that everyone thinks like they do, except crazy people…and Republicans (or Democrats, which ever makes you laugh and not hate me).  I also realize that I am human myself and prone to the same mistake and what I consider “rational thought”, may in fact be “signs of schizophrenia”.  And….I think it might be interesting to see what the answers are.*

*I fully expect a few friends to leave joke answers, you know who you are, I probably couldn’t resist myself, so by all means if you’ve got a good joke answer please leave it and then maybe leave your real answer at the end.  Thanks.

One thought on “Suicidal Thoughts vs Thinking about suicide pre-blog question

  1. I found a book titled, The Unteathered Soul, by Michael Singer, one of the best books I’ve read on the subject of “the monkey mind”. I liked it so much I read each chapter into my iPhone voice recorder so I could listen to it whenever I chose to. He calls the incessant chattering, the crazy roommate that lives in your head. Interesting read.

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