October 18th, National Hug a Republican Day

Hey everybody,  I decided that I’m going to make up a holiday, well two actually, because …..why not! From hence forth October the 18th will be know as “National Hug a Republican Day“.   They need to be reminded that you care about them as much as you do spotted owls.  Now Democrats, be real here, don’t be a smug ass. Find a Republican you have had some heated discussions with, but are still friends (or family) and think of something you can agree upon beforehand (NASA, the Opioid epidemic, how much cancer sucks, you get the idea), give them a hug, then tell them that even though you don’t always agree on every little silly detail about how to best run our country you know that he/she is fighting for what they believe is in Americas best interest, just like you and it kicks ass that we live in a country where we can do that.  Then discuss that issue agree about for a bit, and leave with a smile.

Don’t worry Republicans i’m not leaving you out! Tomorrow, October 19th, is “National High Five a Democrat Day”!  It’s a lot like Hug a Republican Day but less mushy…..maybe talk about cars or something.  I’ll brainstorm tonight.

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